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Company History


The idea of J-Dove Productions began several years ago after one of the president’s family members, Marilyn Arauz, asked him to choreograph her Sweet 16.  He gladly accepted the offer and began the choreography.  On the day of the event, the crowd was pleased with the entertainment that had been displayed.  Naturally another family member, Jennifer Bryan, requested his services.  For this event the president decided to bring in the help of a friend and choreographer Denise Nurse.  Together they worked on the concept and the choreography for the event. 


It had been done once again...  The audience had been taken by storm.  Applause filled the air before the performance reached its halfway mark to completion.  The guests were shocked at the way the choreography unfolded.  Parents finally understood why their children were rehearsing every weekend.  Participants were shocked and thrilled, simultaneously, at the fact that the applause' and praise' were for them,  J-Dove Productions changed the way in which Sweet 16’s had been done.


Business began to roll in...  After seeing what had been created, we were approached for yet another Sweet 16.  This time pay was involved….  Over the years, the number of clientele grew substantially and the company has been successful in providing choreography for numerous Sweet 16’s and Quinces. 




Through continuous networking and connections with Choreographers, Photographers, Videographers, Bakery’s/Pastry chef, Event Planners, Bridal Shops, Hair stylist and Make up Artist J-Dove Productions has grown from a Quince/Sweet 16 Choreography company to a full fledged Entertainment Company.  Along with Quinces and Sweet 16 Choreography we also offer choreography for Weddings, Special Events, One on one Dance lessons, Stage performances, Artist Back Up, Youth Dance Programs, etc...  Please feel free to browse through the Services page for full descriptions of what J-Dove Production's offers. 






About Us

Where we are Now

Love Letters

Working with J-Dove was a great experience. Everyone in my court had different levels in dance and Mariano was able to accommodate everyone. If you needed extra help he would help you and make you feel comfortable. When it came to the dance I wanted, Mariano listened to what I wanted and made it happen. By the end we all looked fabulous. He also made sure everything went as planned during my party. I would never ask for anyone else to help make my day special. So if you ask me to recommend you a choreography company I would always recommend J-Dove Productions.


Erlin Arana 

New York



I really appreciate everything that you have done for me, and I am very happy.  I know that I meet you when you were doing Edith Sweet 16 and that’s when I knew you where very good.  I was planning to have a sweet 16 so I asked Edith for your number and I told my mother about you and she spoke with you.  I know I had a lot of people in my sweet16 but we did a good job for only 2 months of rehearsal.  I am very happy that you helped me because I knew I couldn’t have done it alone. Thank you for everything you did.  I love you.



New York




There aren’t enough words I can say to complete the great appreciation that I feel for you and Denise.  I thank you for giving up your time, and I thank you for your tremendous amount of patience.  I very much appreciate of every thing the both of you have done.  My sweet 15 (Quinceanera) was very unique because we danced to Spanish music.



Thank you,

Elizabeth Ellington

New York




Thank you for all the good times from September 15 through December 21st.  I’m so thankful.  It was because of you and Denise that my day was complete.  I have to admit that we had our ups and downs but everything turned out great.  Once again thank you for making my special day complete.  Never give up on this wonderful talent of yours because believe it or not you make a difference in this world and you gave me an opportunity to share your talent by teaching us. 



Thank You.


New York

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